HP Powerup Backpack (W7Q03AA)

$ 165.0

Product Highlights

  • Big power for 3 devices. Designed and tested to charge most non USB-C HP laptops up to 17.3″ diagonal screen size, a tablet, and a smartphone. With power priority, you control the order in which your devices charge
  • High-capacity 22400 mAh battery: Provides a full charge to most HP laptops, charges a tablet up to three times, and a smartphone up to 10 times. Must use current HP laptop charger to charge portable battery, or purchase a separate HP laptop power adapter. Power adapter not included with purchase.
  • A built-in heat sensor monitors backpack temperature and adjusts accordingly. Meets security requirements for in-flight carry-ons
  • Heavy-duty canvas exterior with interior padding and durable straps helps provide long-lasting laptop protection. Coated to resist wet weather and comes with its own raincoat.
  • Laptop and USB micro cables included: Two USB micro cables for Android devices and one laptop cable included. Easily recharge your backpack with a side-pocket plug-in.