About Us

Specialization: A private joint stock company engaged in the sale and maintenance of all types of desktop and laptop computers and related accessories.
Year of Establishment: 2009
Target groups: institutions and companies, through multiple departments serving different fields.
Our vision: Providing the best service, marketing the best product at the most appropriate prices and meeting the local market requirements of modern technology to enrich the information technology sector.
Our Mission: To put a distinct imprint in the world of technology and related devices.
Our identity: Palestinian Arab, and we try to prove it through our services and distinction.
Our Policies: We sell and market products according to ethical principles and values in order to excel in providing the best services.
Our goals:
Sale, marketing and maintenance of computers and their accessories:
The company works in the sale of desktop and laptop computers and all their related accessories and accessories such as printers, monitors, software…etc. We also work to find the best maintenance solutions for devices in the fastest time, least cost and the latest method.

We provide technological solutions to ensure integrated service:
We are working on providing all the equipment that our products need in order to be fully functional, such as computers, and retail devices (billing printer, barcode reader, cash box…etc) in order to facilitate our customers and save effort and time.
Maintaining the harmony of our products and global technological development:
The world of information technology is advancing on a daily basis, and we are keeping pace with this rapid change so that our products are compatible with the latest devices and global operating systems.


High Quality Products

We guarantee the highest quality of all the products we sell. Many years of successful selling and thousands of happy customers make us feel certain about that. We always offer a warranty on all our products and services. For more information, call us or drop into us in-store.

Exceptional Customer Service

From the second a customer steps into our store or speaks to one of our team on the phone, their needs come first. While recognising that customer needs will continue to change, we are committed to developing our practices in whatever way necessary to ensure the customer is our number one priority.

After Sales Care

We believe in going the extra mile for our customers and we believe our after-sales care is second to none. The relationship we have built with our customers does not end upon closing the sale; we employ an excellent service and administration team who deal with any after sales enquiry in a timely and efficient manner.