PDX : private joint stock company engaged in the sale and maintenance of all types of desktop computers, laptops and related accessories company is also working in the field of maintenance contracts with institutions, companies and extended networks and provide all the supplies for the targeted sectors in the field of technology.

The company specializes in laptop maintenance and supply of spare parts for them.

The company has a special section for the provision of all the organs of retail shops and businesses of (Barcode – thermal printers – displays the price – cash fund, etc.)


Audiences governmental institutions, public institutions and companies, institutions and private companies, individuals, we are working on maintenance contracts to multi-task as there are multiple sections serve different areas.

Our Goals

  • selling, marketing and maintenance of computer hardware and accessories:The company operates in the sale of desktop computers and laptops and all their belongings and accessories of printers, monitors, etc. programs. We are also working on finding the best hardware maintenance solutions as soon as possible and less expensive and newest way.
  • provide technological solutions to ensure integrated service:Work to provide all the equipment you need our products in order to be fully operational, as computer devices, and devices retail (Printer bills, barcode reader, Cache Fund … etc) in order to make it easier for our customers, saving time and effort.
  • to maintain the harmony of our products and global technological development:World of information technology advancing on a daily basis, Vojhzh computer and operating systems, so we keep up with this rapid change until our products are compatible with the latest hardware and operating systems world.
  • building Khadamati system is distinctive and appropriate prices:We believe that the secret of our success is our service excellence, فالمنتجات not characterized only serve distinct, did not succeed product in markets throughout history, no matter how privileged without marketing and outstanding service, also try to be these services and products are not a financial burden on those who will get it, price quoted appropriate for most categories is the slogan for Lt. outstanding service that we offer.We work and work on the rehabilitation staff and administrative system that my services distinguished according to the latest scientific methods and management, and are also working on the harmony of these services and the practical and technological development and market prices.

Our team